Knowles Shakes Things up With Company Name Change

August 29, 2023

Leading third party logistics provider Knowles has changed its name to Knowles Logistics Limited after a careful analysis of the company’s services and recent growth.

The change comes as a result of the company’s desire to align its name more closely with its comprehensive range of services, particularly in the case of its warehousing function and facilities.

Offering end-to-end supply chain logistics solutions with complete UK distribution, Knowles currently boasts over 2.5 million sq. ft of storage space and provides warehousing services to a variety of customers within the ambient food sector.

Having experienced significant growth in recent years largely due to a combination of UK-wide capacity shortages as well as the company continually growing its ever-expanding customer portfolio year on year which includes some of the country’s best-known brands such as Silver Spoon, Nestle, Princes, and Kinnerton Confectionery to name just a few.

Knowles’ warehousing services now account for nearly 40 per cent of current business.

With this in mind, the Cambridgeshire based third-party logistics experts took the strategic decision to introduce the company name change in order to effectively communicate the full extent of its capabilities and recognise the strength of its warehousing arm alongside its wide range of transportation services.

Alex Knowles, Managing Director of Knowles Logistics commented: “The change to Knowles Logistics comes at a poignant moment for the business. The unprecedented growth of our warehousing division has motivated us to review the name of the business and take stock of how we are perceived by both the industry and our much-valued customers.

“Following this review, we as a business recognised the need to change our company name in order to better reflect the diverse array of services we offer, especially in regard to our warehousing associated services.

“With warehousing solutions now accounting for a near 40 per cent of current revenue, it felt appropriate to give this area of the business the recognition it deserved reflecting it being a vital component of our service portfolio. We are enthused to enter this new chapter of the Knowles success story and to accurately convey the full extent of our capabilities to both our customers and the industry as a whole.”

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