We specialise in delivering adaptable and cost-efficient transport solutions that enable customers to attain competitive advantage through their supply chain.

UK Wide Distribution


Knowles’ UK distribution network gives complete UK coverage to a wide variety of customers and industries. With a fleet of over 200 vehicles and 350 trailers and operating out of a number of distribution hubs, we provide flexibility and best-in-industry OTIF service levels.

This, combined with highly-skilled people and world-class IT systems, allows Knowles to deliver a multitude of quality supply chain solutions:

  • Supermarket logistics
  • Retailer consolidation
  • Full load, part load, small pallet quantity distribution
  • Dedicated, traction only solutions
  • Factory clearance transport
  • Temperature controlled transport
  • Short lead time fulfilment
  • 24/7 customer service team
  • E-PodPortal
  • All vehicles tracked in real-time delivering end-to-end visibility
  • Bespoke IT integration
  • Returns management
  • All vehicles Euro 6 and London Direct Vision Standard compliant
  • Container distribution

Knowles deliver high quality, flexible and efficient transport solutions to our customers.



At Knowles Logistics we are experts in consolidating loads for our customers – delivering to the major supermarket RDC’s. We have experienced considerable growth in this area, thanks to effective results and reduced distribution costs for our customers within the Knowles Consolidation Unit (KCU).

  • Day 1, for day 2 delivery schedule
  • Low cost for smaller volume orders
  • Increased market share for your brand
  • Reduced environmental impact of distribution
  • Increased supplier performance
  • Knowles EDI link with supermarkets
  • Preferred supplier’ elevation amongst your largest customers

At Knowles we offer superior expertise in consolidation for all the major supermarkets, renowned in particular for the outstanding results for Sainsbury Consolidation.

Like all great systems, the concept of our KCU is both simple and effective; at 11am each day we automatically receive loads, direct from the retailer into our warehouse management system, detailing where and when the loads needs to be delivered and the stock keeping units (SKU) from each KCU partner. These are carefully picked and loaded and allocated to a relevant vehicle and driver, via our experienced traffic co-ordinators and our traffic management system. The loads are then delivered from midnight onwards and throughout the rest of the next day, ensuring satisfaction all round.

The KCU benefits both you – the customer, your customers – the supermarkets and us, through reduced miles and emissions. The benefit for your business is you can become day 1 for 2 suppliers to your largest clients, benefitting from reduced distribution costs when shipping smaller pallet loads. This is a result of being charged at the (lower) full pallet rate no matter how small the pallet quantity. We also have a direct electronic link to the retailer, resulting in a minimal, or no administration task for these loads to be carried out by you. The supermarket benefits from being able to order your products in the volumes it desires, therefore keeping its stock to a minimum, whilst safe in the knowledge that it is a reputable and responsive haulier delivering the load. By keeping it simple and effective, these loads are always carried out on our own vehicles – never subcontracted – allowing us to ensure the very highest service levels.

Bulk Haulage


Knowles operate a large fleet of bulk tippers and loaders capable of transporting a large range of bulk foods such sugar beet, grains and animal feeds. Our bulk transport solutions include:

  • Specialist bulk tipper fleet
  • Enhanced safety features and processes
  • TASSC accredited
  • Comprehensive mobile bulk loader fleet

We specialise in delivering high quality, efficient and safe bulk solutions to a range of bulk supply chains whilst increasing value to customer.

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Knowles provides dedicated and shared user transport solutions to a wide variety of customers

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With over 2.5m sq.ft storage space and class-leading WMS, Knowles provide comprehensive warehousing solutions to a variety of customers and sectors

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Zero Emission Solutions


Knowles are specialists in full electric and alternative fuel distribution

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Pallet Network


Knowles deliver efficient solutions to single and multiple pallet consignments across the UK and Europe

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