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Knowles are committed to ensuring our logistics operations are sustainable and progressing towards our target of Net Zero in Warehousing and Transport by 2030 and 2045 respectively

Here are some of the ways in which we offsetting our environmental impact:

  • Solar Energy Production: Across the total of 2 million sq/ft of our warehousing portfolio, we are producing over 300,000 kWh over electricity per annum. We are actively investing in expanding our green energy production over the coming years to further offset our environmental impact.
  • Green Energy Procurement: All of our warehouse operations our powered from green energy grid supply as standard ensuring the energy we use has been certified offset from our energy partners.
  • Electric Manual Handling Equipment (MHE): 80% of our warehouse MHE are now powered by electric with a fleet replacement plan to be completely electric by 2027.
  • Rainwater Harvesting: By utilising rainwater harvesting at our sites, we reduce our dependency on pumped and treated water sources which contribute to over 20% of per-capita energy use.
  • Alternative Fuels: We offer HVO, LNG/CNG or Electric solutions to our customers' supply chain models based on their unique primary and secondary transport flows combined with which alternative fuel technology best suits their operation.
  • Waste: By 2025, all plastic use will contain at least 50% recycled material. We have comprehensive recycling processes across all of our warehouse operations minimising waste.
  • Company Cars: A proportion of our company car fleet is already electric with the remainder to be electrified by 2028. EV charging is available at all of our sites.

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